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Many customers tell us that even with a plan they don't have time to run a marketing program day in and day out.  They have other things to worry about like inventory, payroll, employees, and customers.

FPW Marketing can help you execute every aspect of your marketing plan from websites, emails, and social media to TV, radio, and print.

We are here to help you focus on your business and not worry about your marketing.


Our Process for building successful marketing strategies

Executing the Marketing plan

Have you ever told a friend you have a problem and they jump into telling you what you should do without asking any questions about what is going on?  All too often people jump to solution without learning about who you are, what you have tried, and where you are trying to go. This "I know best" one-size-fits-all approach rarely creates the solutions necessary for businesses to achieve their goals.

Thats why FPW Marketing focuses on a consistent process to help understand before planning and then taking action.

We start by learning about your business and goals.  This discovery can be a short phone call or multiple in depth working sessions. After everyone understands the issues and the goals we create a strategic plan that includes executional details.  Finally, we implement the plan and optimize the execution over time to ensure your goals are met or exceeded.  

We can stop at any point along the journey, but it is important to always start at the beginning to learn about the objective.

The most important part of our process is learning about your business and what you want it to be in the future.  Because of that, we put a strong focus on asking questions, learning about who you are, what your business is and isn't, and what your​ goals are for the future.

We have years of experience with some of the biggest brands and some of the smallest markets.  We are based in Ohio, with most of our customers in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, but can help anyone who wants to grow their business.


Creating your marketing plan can be overwhelming.  The options are limitless and the costs confusing. Expensive options might not be the best way to reach the new customers you are trying to attract and "free" often comes with a high price.  

FPW Marketing can help you identify who you are trying to reach, where to reach them, and what to say when you do. Then build a plan with you to maximize your return. We help you understand what is worth doing now.